Another Noob Question
I'm running cudaHashcat-plus64 and am having trouble with a hybrid dictionary/mask approach. I've trolled Google for this type of error to no avail. Here's the problem:

[Image: rockyouIsEmpty_zps6fdbdf5a.jpg]

It shows that the rockyou.txt file HAS words in the stats, but then says it's empty. I can replicate this error with any other dictionary I've tried. Is there a rule that I'm missing here? Thanks in advance!
Is the rockyou.txt used by another program or by another instance of cudahashcat?
I'm noob too, but i saw "?1" but you do not "declare" "-1"
Can this be the problem?!
zarabatana- Your observation proved correct. I had not declared my custom charset in the options. I changed the command to read -a at the end, and it executed. Thanks!

mastercracker- Thanks for your input! I can see how that could have affected the command, although it wasn't the problem in this particular situation.

Thanks to all!