Skipping Russian passwords in ver. 0.14
For example, I have a wordlist of 3614 Russian words, their length is 1 to 5:

I hash them into MD5 with the Passwordspro Hash Generator plugin, receive 3614 hashes:

If I try to crack them with the ?R?R?R?R?R mask,

[Image: d41c91215ff9.png]

only 990 of them are cracked.

[Image: b43100c03930.png]

BUT! If you point out all the Russian alphabete in a charset

[Image: 758c0c76776c.png]

and use the mask ?1?1?1?1?1 - voila! All 3614 hashes are cracked!

[Image: 1a9e96a824f5.png]

So, the question is - how does it come out and what symbols does the ?R mask use? 10x.

PS: The version 0.15 doesn't work with the ?R mask at all:

[Image: fe9740738acf.png]
Please use the features that v0.15 provide: e.g. see here

There are good reasons why "The version 0.15 doesn't work with the ?R mask at all" (answer, because you can define your own charsets in a hcchr file or use the russian charsets provided by hashcat).