Hybrid Attack slow Dict + Mask
When running using the Dictionary + Mask mode , the speed is very slow and does not utilize my other two graphics cards. However when using Mask + Dictionary the speed is very fast.

Have I missed something in the working of it or could this be a bug?

[Image: hybriddict_mask.png]

[Image: hybridmas_dict.png]
Not a bug, it's due to the parallel nature of workload dispatcher.
The best thing you could do is prepare the wordlist (there's a splitlen tool in hcutils that does this) and sort it by length.
Once oclhc reaches words with 4 characters in it, the attack will be at normal speeds.
I explained it how I understand it, maybe Atom can provide you with more accurate and full info.
preparing wordlist wont help here, the problem is that the dictionary is to small. you need a bigger dictionary.
Makes sense. Thanks for clearing it up.