Question for help
I am begginer with hashcat, and want to decrypt simple Joomla password (Joomla is popular CMS, and use MD5 {hash}:{salt}).

OS: win XP 32bit
What I am doing is this:

hashcat-cli32 -m 11 -a 0 -o out.txt password.txt

password.txt is file with hash data, and want to decrypt and write result in output.txt.

What I am doing wrong because, I get message "Try --help..."?

@radix thanks but I was there and find many different tutorials...

I have Joomla password (hash type 11):

And plain text is:

The answer to your question is easy to find in the link radix gave. If you are using -a 0 (dictionary atack), you have to supply a dictionary. If you want to use -a 3 (bruteforce), you have to supply a mask. It's all in the wiki.

P.S. and it's not outpuhashcat-cli32 but hashcat-cli32.
@mastercracker thank you very much!
Yes that was my syntax error here ("outpuhashcat-cli32").

Understand, almost all methods need dictionary file and it's clear for me. But, I came here because I get information that "hashcat can find Joomla password without dictionary". Right now I completely understand that all the same like before...

Thanks and best regards.