Does MSI Z87 MPOWER 1150 take 7x7970 ?
Hi, i'm new here. I did some reading for a while and decided to build a 4x7970 system. I found this mobo, MSI Z87 MPOWER 1150, have 4 pcie-x1 and 3 pcie-x16, which typically takes 7 GPUs (w/ risers).

so, I just want to make sure that it will do before buying.
Thank you.
the board can physically support it with extenders, but i don't know if the uefi firmware can address that many pci devices. only one way to find out: try it.
I can only told You that when insert 7 hd7970 into Biga Bang X-power II windows see all cards but win7 can work with max 4 gpus so i cant tell if that will work on linux
windows will work with more than four gpus.
ok let me try 4x7970 first, then adding an old 5450 to see if it recognise more than 4 cards. cheers.