Can't get known simple md5?
I have several small dictionaries and a few big dictionaries, and i'm trying to hack a known MD5 just to test hashcat out. The passwords are
1) heavyshoe442
2) 4us2cputer

heavy and shoe are in one of my dictionaries and 442 is in another, but I can't find any combination of attack modes that will crack either of the 2 passwords.

I have rules set to best64 and have all of my dictionaries activated, and I have tried combination and had the dictionary with both heavy and shoe in one box(rockyou), and the dictionary with 442 in the second box and it still couldn't find this one.

Can someone with more experience try to hack these 2 and see if it works for them, or give me some tips?

cant do 3 way combines from a standard run, need to combine each, then combine again.
> all of my dictionaries activated
Are you using hashcat or oclhashcat? They handle the combination attack differently. Once we know it, we can suggest you a command line that should reproduce what you want.