Best Performance Video Cards?
hi all,
i am planning on building a super cracking machine based on an hp 4U server.

i am going to install between 4 to 8 video cards and i was wandering which video card have the best perfomrnace? (i don't say it much but price is not an issue)

i do need to know for sure that the hashcat supportes the recommended video card.

i'd go with the Nvidia Riva 128, or maybe a S3 Savage 4. Voodoo 3 2000 shows great hashcat performance, too.
This question is most covered on this forum. Go with HD7990.

ah, I doubt about S3 savage series, maybe S3 virge would be better choice to go Smile
he should probably realize that his 4U HP server likely cannot handle any GPUs at all, and if it can, it was likely designed for Teslas. and since he's asking this question, i'm assuming he has zero experience with GPGPU. which makes me wonder why he wants to build a "super cracking machine" in the first place.
How much?
search something about the latest high-end AMD Radeon R9 290X