0.15 GPU tuning
Hello all,

I'm just getting going with hashcat so please forgive me for asking what might be a basic question.

I'm working on cracking a truecrypt container and I have no information to help me narrow the topology. I've already tried a couple of common wordlists without success. While I have tuning that can be done on the wordlist side, I was hoping to dig up some information regarding tuning on the software/hardware side. Specifically the -n and -u options for oclhashcat-plus (or cudaHash-plus in my case).

atom's original post about cracking truecrypt (http://hashcat.net/forum/thread-2301.html) references "-n 32 -u 2000" but I haven't been able to find any documentation to help me determine what would be best in my various environments. The wiki has a section for "Supported algorithms and GPU defaults" but as it's for 0.14 it doesn't help for truecrypt. Some searching through the forums and Google haven't yielded fruit either.

Can someone point me in the right direction to find more info? Or just educate me on what -n and -u mean (besides "gpu-accel" and "gpu-loops") and how to figure out what values to choose?

Many thanks for your help.
You just have to experiment with them. There are no magic values, and they differ for each card. Defaults have been chosen to try to leverage the best performance without interrupting desktop operations.
Thanks radix.

Commencing learning-by-doing mode. :-)