very strange! nv540m reached 16k h/s
stop being a naive little girl, get serious.
nvidia cards are very close to ati cards in 3d mark tests, and nvidia is the 1st company started gpu computing, there is no reason of nvidia cards being slower .
my computer was running at 16.1k at normal work load, it could have gotten to 18k/s with max gpu acceleration. its either windows or nvidia driver slows down the gpu computing.
it's overwhelmingly obvious that you haven't a clue.
in short, my nivida 540m went from 6.5k/s to 16k/s then back to 6.5k/s while cracking wpa password,
and 16k/s is comparable to an ati card with similar specs.
right click on the hashcat, its run on intel graphics by default, and it cant be changed/switched to nvidia gpu. there you go, imagination tech gpu=6.5k; nvidia gpu=16.1k, about +150% gain yet consumes same amount of power.
fuking wintels.
I see where this is going.