Password Analyzer by TrAnn3l
Hey together,
I am proud to present you my Password Analyzer Smile

[Image: uk7n.png]

It generate masks out of your password-file and generates, if you want to, a small statistics file,
or just shows the statistic after the analysis as a message box.


Password Analyzer generates following files when you check all check boxes:
  • mask.hcmask : The file which contains your masks
  • mask.csv : saves the masks with count in .csv
  • errors.txt : contains word, that couldn't be analysed
  • output.txt : Contains the statistics

Bugs and other Stuff:
  • Because of Memory leaks, the maximum supported file size is at around 150MB, but i will try my best, to remove this limitation.
  • The speed dependence on the complexity of your password, but is around 50.000 to 140.000 password/s. I will also try to get this speed higher.
  • At the moment it saves all the analysed files in the directory of your pa.exe, but a "save to" feature will be added later.

It's the first release of Password Analyzer, so it would be nice when could give me some feedback, or even suggestion for improvement. If you have a feature suggestion, please post it here as a comment, i will try my best to implement it Smile

Download ( Analyzer b0.1.0.8

i will post updates of the program here.