Support for MSOFFCRYPTO?

I was wondering if there were any plans to introduce support for EMCA 376 Standard MS OFFCRYPTO as used in Open Office and Office 2007/2010?

Locating the hash values that you would need to submit to the application can be done fairly easily manually with a hex editor.

However 2007 requires 50000 rounds of SHA1 (100k for 2010)

PHP Code:
for (int i 050000i++)
// Generate each hash in turn
    // H(n) = H(i, H(n-1))
hashBuf SHA1Hash(ihashBuf);

Source :

And it also uses AES128 (by default, you can also use 192 and 256).

There are many, commercial, programs for Windows that do this, and they do seem to offer huge performance increases when using GPU acceleration and I was wondering if this was functionality that we would see implemented?

Many thanks


Other sources :

C# code to extract and test a password :
Very good walkthrough of the algorithm :
no plans on this yet
(02-09-2011, 10:24 AM)atom Wrote: no plans on this yet

Thanks for letting me know Smile