The power of the Atom
Well, not mucho to say you to thank Atom for hashcat familiy. Also founded this article in Russian about hashcat and his creator Atom

But also like me and other, also the Russians are very happy that now we can crack passwords with lenght of 55 chars

Big Grin
" He can staythat damn bomb explodes in the center of for all I care. "

The nuclear bomb can be found in the middle of Megaton and you’ll find out about it during yigher reward (100 bottle caps) for the job. You can also agree to do this for free if you desperately want to raise your karma. Before you decide to Research Topics You can always change your mind. There are two different (VERY different) t Burke has to say, you don’t necessarily have to become his puppet.s to complet this qu waydisarm the bomb, you shour first name conversation with Lucas Simms. He’s going to be the first person you’ll meet after reaching Megaton. It would be wisd go to Megaton – Moriarty’s Saloon. Find Mr Burke and listen to his solution to the problem. Just like with Lucas Simms, if you win a speech challenge you’ll make him agree to a bigger reward. Remember that even if you listen to whaest.