SHA256 hex input
HI all,
Is there a way to let hashcat calculate pass word in hex mode like (0x00 to 0xff) not in character (0xc0 to 0xff)

Thanks in advance
Yes, use --hex-charset
cudaHashcat-plus64.exe -a 3 -m 1400 -1 ?dabcdef --hex-charset hash.txt ?1 -o out.txt
is the command can find the hash of 0x00 ?
i tried but it found nothing .
no, use -1 000102030405 etc
Thanks a lot, I found the hash of 0x00 successful.
" cudaHashcat-plus64.exe -a 3 -m 1400 --outfile-format=5 -1 00010203040506070809102030405060708090 --hex-charset hash.txt ?1 -o out.txt "
But is there a simple way like -1 ?h means 0x0c-0xff
I want a pattern from 0x00 to 0xff or I only can do that by list it after "-1" like follow
-1 000102030405.......f5f6f7f8f9fafbfcfdfeff <-- It really a long string to type.
you can save the 000102..ff string to file "all.chr" and then use -1 all.chr next time