Hashcat on a hd4870
How do i get Hashcat plus on my hd 4870.

I made a research and what i need is to use Hashcat-plus 0.07 i downloaded already but it fails when trying to use with hashcat GUI 0.321 it gives a error about hashcat plus outdated...

how can i solve this problem is there any work arround to make new versions support my card with mimics or something.

If is not possible what version of hashcat gui works with the hashcatplus 0.07
You dont, catalyst doesnt support 4xxx series.
(11-27-2013, 10:46 PM)radix Wrote: You dont, catalyst doesnt support 4xxx series.

did you at least read what i said?

and yes it does support my card 4870 since i have used other gpu boosted aplications... and i read that i can use it with 4870 in older versions...

if u are not gonna read the complete message better do not post pls.
I read your post, and my answer stands. It violates the EULA to try and subvert the restrictions put in place, and catalyst versions that are compatible with current releases do not support opencl on the 4xxx series.
wow what a crap now i have a good papper weight with 800 stream procesors that i cannot use what a dumb decition from AMD it could have some backward compatibility even if is not that efficient... ill stick to nvidia now and fordward.

BTW gonna try pyrit now but i read somewhere that it had a version for 4xxx if i read well its made on CAL++