[solved] Win7-64 crash Lists to blame?
I try to learn quickly but haven't found any workarounds for the following - a crash 2 out of 3 times for four little hashes -m 400 variety. I've learned not to even wonder about the salts since Hashcat is extremely smart but maybe too much like magic for me at the moment.

I think the crack is as good as the wordlist, yes? So, to start with, I downloaded some lists referred to as thorough and popular. Of three, only one finishes with 0/4 success. The other two crash en route with Windows 7 offering no real explanation.

Can wordlists/dictionaries cause Hashcat to crash? My command is very basic:

etc.>hashcat-cli64.exe -m 400 examples/example400.hash docs/example.txt

Perhaps it's too basic?
I've tried other wordlists and none are crashing Hashcat. Of the new ones, all are larger in size than one of the crashing lists - that got me thinking; is it possible that when my simple command hits a strange character it stops?

I have also tinkered with -a 4 on a small English list. All the English lists work without crashing, but only two hashes are solved. I added a test hash that's never solved because it's goofy spelling, like DisBote99 (a.k.a. This Boat 99)

It seems my unknown hashes aren't typical English or Norwegian (another word list I tried) and I'm not sure how to account for goofy spelling that's been hashed.
It is very difficult for us to reproduce... I for instance do not understand if this wordlist is a personal wordlist of you or it is one of the .word files in /examples/ .

Could you please explain how we could reproduce this problem?
If it is a dictionary you don't want to share (the whole one, for instance)... you could try to reduce the size of the dictionary to a bare minimum to understand at which point it doesn't crash anymore...

For instance if the dict has 1000 lines, cut it in half.... and try w/ first 500 and afterwards second 500, if it crashes w/ one of those you must investigate that part in more detail.... repeat this steps (halfing and checking) until it doesn't crash anymore....

As far as I understand you are mostly 100% sure that it doesn't depend on hash type (did you try different hash types, single hash/multi hashes etc?) but it only depends on what is the content of the dictionary.

So the only thing we could do to fix this problem, is to understand what e.g word or sequence or words/chars causes this problem....

Could you please make above test (reducing the dict to the bare minimum)?
The problem dictionaries were rockyou.txt and myspace.txt from SkullSecurity

I tested both on multi and single hashes on your advice encountering the crash both ways from both .txt's

I got inside the myspace dictionary and began cutting halves into halves. The first half ran through 100% but the crash came up inconsistently in the second half, sometimes early in it, then later in it as I made more cuts making it a moving target. I'm only able to narrow it down to the third-quarter of 38k words/lines somewhere 50 to 75% the way into that dictionary.

My actual goal is four hashes (one I made to test results) but I've been testing against 13 from some blog post about Hashcat, and a single one I made in plain English to test results.
This seems to be easy to reproduce and it seems that it doesn't occur randomly but w/ very specific plains (if the length > 48).

I also opened this trac ticket https://hashcat.net/trac/ticket/221 and am sure the devs will find a fix for this problem soon.
I'm glad it was a real problem and not user error. For the time being I've taken to using 0.45 and hope the trac ticket helps the makers. Changed prefix to [solved]