First time poster, long time reader of the forums.

It seems that VCL is a great option for creating a GPU cluster, however the most recent posts seems to reference that there is no working configuration and multiple issues.

What is the current experience amongst everyone, is it working ?

I am building a cluster based on FT77's & 7047GR-TRF's.
I have VCL 1.22 working with oclhashcat 1.0, see here.
Yes I saw your post but then right under your post there is from unix_ninja:

Quote:VCL is broken and is no longer supported. It is officially considered a dead technology. Sorry.
The new version of disthc should be coming out soon. It will have limited features at first (most to come in subsequent updates) but that might be a better option for you

Plus this:

Seems like the concept can work, just wondering if it worth the time before I try to deploy across the rigs.
All I can tell you is it's working fine for me as of today- setup was not hard at all, just follow the wiki.