hashcat on currect active dialog box
I hope this is the right place to ask about this.
I love this tool and I was wondering if it's possible to plug in hash to do brute-force on the input-box of the currect/active dialog box in linux,
for example you have open 'bitcoin-qt' program and you go to Settings-change passphrase and there you have another small window where you can update your passphrase (assuming you know your passphrase). The thing is that in the line "Enter passphrase" you can type wrong passphrase as many times as you can and it won't lock you out ( I did at least 100 times and it didn't) so I don't think there's a limitation on that and I think this is security hole in this software which could be good for hashcat.
Is there a way that we can somehow use hashcat to point at that input field? Maybe in the feature releases or maybe somebody could point at some direction then I would really appreciate that.
I can get some values using xwininfo tool but not sure if I going with the right direction.

Maybe we could somehow point output of hashcat into that dialog box? Have anyone did something like this before?

Also I wish You all Happy New Year.

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hashcat is not the tool for you.