Intel iGPU OpenCL cards support

Is there any chance to support Intel iGPU of 3rd generation Core and above (IvyBridge and after) which are OpenCL v1.2 capable ?

Looking at the benchmark results of LuxMark - using a very different algorithm than crypto algorithm - Intel iGPUs seem very capable and efficient according to their specs.

I mean that in LuxMark are faster than Nvidia cards, with similar specs!

Have you already evaluated any of the Intel iGPU card ?

Is there a specific reason that are not supported ?

Waiting for your feedback.

Care to share the links to these benchmarks? I doubt that maintaining kernels for these devices would be worth it.
Intel only supports OpenCL on GPU on Windows, no Linux support.
Yes you can see OpenCL performance benchmarks here:
1/4th the performance of a GTX580, and windows only. Probably not going to happen.
Sure, if you compare it with Titan it will be even more slower!

I think Intel's OpenCL HW is a lot faster than medium and below Nvidia cards and that's the target group of iGPU.

Not everyone interested in HW OpenCL password auditing has a 580 card.

The decision is yours, I mean the development team, but I think because of the huge HW base of Intel CPUs sold and because a lot of buyers don't buy a discrete Nvidia or AMD card because of the iGPUs which are capable of everything (even latest games in not extreme high resolutions), you should consider the possibility.
My point was, the performance isn't worth the work that would have to go into it.


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