need help for hash error
hello everyone,

I am trying to recover a user's password on a fortigate using the mask command. But i doesn't work, it give me this error:

Initializing hashcat v0.47 by atom with 8 threads and 32mb segment-size...

Skipping line: <xxxxxxx> (line length exception)
No hashes loaded

Any idea about this ?
i run this command:

hashcat-cli32.exe -m 7000 -a 3 --outfile=cracked.txt --remove hash.txt ?l?l?d?d?l?l?d?d
Check for the fortigate hash example in this page:

Make sure yours is the same length and that there are no trailing spaces.
OK i understand why it is not working. The -m 7000 is for FORTIOS accounts used to access the firewall itself.
I wanted to decrypt the hash for a VPN SSL ACCOUNT. i think that they do not use the same algorytm because the hash is different.

Any clue to get this kind of hash decrypted ?
I am trying to decrypt FORTIOS accounts and the lengths appear to be okay. However, all of the hashes in my config have special characters ( / and + ) all of them have a trailing =. The example however is only alpha-numeric which is making me question whether or not they are identical hash-types.


Thanks kindly,


p.s. @othisman - I believe that the VPN SSL accounts use IKE for authentication. Hope that helps Smile

Has anyone been able to come up with a solution for using FortiOS hashes?

I already removed all the "+ & /" characters and make the original hash to fit in the same lenght as the string in the example hash 7000, but still I receive as an output the message: (signature unmatched)

I will apreciate any help because I couldn't find other FortiOS related thread.