HELP XD - Script
Pretty much what I am trying to do is
I have 1 file with a bunch of Usernames, I have another file with username:hashs.

Now I want to match these so The usernames from first file matches with username:hashs from the second file, and get a new username:hash file.

Please help :x
if have you have 2 times the same username, how would it make a difference if you just replace them?
Sorry if I did not explain my self correct, I got a list of usernames off a website, I have another database with user:hash, now what Im trying to do is check if any of the list of users match the other list of user:hash. If they do then put them into a separate file as user:hash
Windows or Linux? It's trivial in Linux, using grep(1)
Just use unxutils grep. Just a single executable. So if I understand correctly do something like
for i in $(cat usernamelist); do grep $i user:hash; done
for linux. For windows use powershell maybe.
foreach ($i in (Get-Content .\userlist)) {Select-String $i .\user:hash}
That is only powershell.