Updated Drivers and Hashcat fail to work?
I recently updated my Nvidia graphics card driver (new release that came out today or tomorrow I believe). I updated to GeForce 334.89 Driver for GTX 660. When I did so, when I run cudahashcat on the hash, I get the following error:

Desktop\oclHashcat-1.01>cudahashcat64.exe -a 3 -m 1000 --o
utfile=cracked.txt --increment hash.txt -1 ?l?u?d ?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1
ERROR: No NVidia compatible platform found

It was working 100% fine before this update of the driver occurred. I am curious as to how i can fix this issue in any way AND why it is happening. I presume oclhashcat-1.01 simply does not have support for this updated driver as of now but if I am mistaken please correct me.

As well, as I just said, how can I fix this issue?

1. Should I wait for an update to hashcat (ETA would be nice, assuming the problem is it does not support the new driver yet, which may not be the case)
2. Downgrade my drivers (if so if you could point me into the right direction to do so it would be greatly appreciated.)
3. It can't be fixed and it is only my computer going insane (which means I would cry).

Thank you for your time and I appreciate any response with any information regarding the subject.
You can use soft called "Driver Fusion" to remove newest gpu driver, than instal prev ones. That should fix problem