hash of a hash
I have a ripemd160 hash that is the hash of an sha256 hash of plaintext. Is there any way to recover the hex values of the sha256 hash so I can recover the plaintext? To be clear:

1. original plaintext: ???????????? UNKNOWN

2. SHA256 of 1: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx UNKNOWN

3. RIPEMD160 of 2: KNOWN

My question is how to recover the SHA256 hash?
Your SHA256 hash is a plain-text for RIPEMD160.
So you consider it as a classic password. You know the length (64 characters) and the charset (hexadecimal).
But your problem here is that 64 characters is huge to bruteforce, and probably not in dictionnary.
It is not working like that, instead you need a cracker that supports the algorithm:

RipeMD160 (SHA256 (pass))

where SHA256 output is in hex I suppose

Currently hashcat does not support this format. Where is this format used?