.cap file with more than one handshake - hccap, split
I got hashcat and oclHashcat working on a Windows machine.
Furthermore I got a .cap file with a few WPA and WPA2 handshakes in there.


I can point hc and oclhc to the .cap file and it decrypts.
I thought I had to convert this file to a hccap, isnt this necessary?
How to i convert the file using a windows machine only?

There is more than one handshake stored in the .cap file.
If I point hc to this cap is it decrypting all handshakes or just the first?
aircrack-ng asks me which one to decrypt, hc does not.

How do I split the .cap file with many handshakes into multiple files with only one handshake? (Windows and Linux)

Thanks in Advance
Feeding a cap file to oclHashcat should error out.

You should be using the aircrack-ng "-J" argument to select single handshakes and output to hccap.