hashcat-utils v1.00
hashcat-utils v1.00 released: https://hashcat.net/tools/hashcat-utils/
Thank you very much Smile
Is the wiki going to be updated to include cleanup-rules, combipow, generate-rules, mli2, req-exclude and req-include?

Are seprule.pl, tmesis.pl, and topmorph.pl standalone utilties, or part of the files that would be compiled?
If someone writes them, yes Smile
I don't think my comment deserves a new thread or even a trac ticket as I may have misunderstood something, but I thought I should at least mention it.

When using cleanup-rules.exe on Win7 64bit I have noticed a difference in the input command, compared to other tools in the set of utilities.

With cleanup-rules.exe I have to use <path to file> instead of "path to file".


cleanup-rules.exe 2 <path to input file> "path to output file"

Usual way would be...

cleanup-rules.exe 2 "path to input file" "path to output file"

Using "" (quotes) to surround the paths to files is normal for windows and the other utilities as it allows users to have " " (spaces) in their path names. Using < > for the first path to file seems odd especially when they are not required for the path to output file.

This is not a problem once the user knows to use < > but it may confuse new users and it makes cleanup-rules.exe slightly different to the other tools, which may seem odd to people.

Thank you.
Wait, cleanup-rules does not require a filename, it reads from stdin
atom he didn't understand that all of the hashutils work from stdin/stout.
(03-26-2014, 07:17 PM)atom Wrote: Wait, cleanup-rules does not require a filename, it reads from stdin


OK I understand. Smile

I am using it to clean exsisting rule lists I have, being able to use it in this way is actually quite useful for me.

It does work ok from an input file if this command is used.

cleanup-rules.exe 2 <path to input file> "path to output file"

I was just asking if it might be possible to make it more straight forward, so that it didn't require the user to have to use the arrows.

Thanks again.

Hi coolbry95 Smile
windows users typically aren't very familiar with the command line, so i'll explain further.

the angle brackets are for io redirection. as atom stated, the program does not accept any arguments, it reads from stdin. it's not that the file needs angle brackets around it, it's that you're telling cmd.exe to redirect the input file to stdin of cleanup-rules, and redirecting the output to the output file.


if you are more comfortable with using a pipe, or if you think it makes more logical sense, you could instead do something like:

type input.txt | cleanup-rules > output.txt

this would be UUoC (UUoT?), but you're already using windows, so who cares Tongue
Thank you very much epixoip.

You explained that so well even someone like me understood it LOL Big Grin

The pipe does indeed make more logical sense and helped me understand better.

I appreciate it must be boring for you to have to cover the basics but it is extremely helpful to people such as myself.

Thanks again for taking the time to reply. Smile