oclhashcat+ help
im used to hashcat and oclhashcat but i just started using + today and for some reason it just keeps crashing on me... i dont know if its because of the dictionaries im trying to load or what. i find my system crashing even with like 45 mb dictionaries, is this a known issue or is it just the size of the dictionaries.
please give more detailed informations so that we can reproduce the problem.
sorry for lack of detail its just hard to post output with my screen freezing up on me. anyway when i do something like

./oclHashcat+32.bin -m 0 -r /pentest/passwords/oclHashcat+-0.03/rules/best64.rule -o /root/crackt-passes /root/master_collection/rockyou.txt

my entire environment freezes on me not just hashcat but everything.

i found that by adding -n 80 for my ati cards it helps
(probably useful to tell you i have 2 ati hd 6970s and i don't know if it matters but i have them crossfired)

I dont have a problem with really small lists or when i dont use rules thats why i asked if it may have something to do with the size of the dictionary but even not being able to work with 45 mb dictionaries seemed rather awkward.

hashcat+ always recognizes my hardware and everything but as soon as it says "starting attack in dictionary mode" it just freezes
can you please try again after removing the crossfire hardware bridge? i have been told it creates a lot of problems in gpgpu. oclHashcat handles each device seperatly with its own scheduler.
seems to have worked perfectly, thank you very much.