Is a setup with 128 GPUs possible?
I've seen that oclHashcat supports 128 GPUs, but I was completely confused as to how someone would set up something that large. I just want to know how someone would theoretically go about doing that. I haven't seen a server motherboard support more than 16 cards, so I was extremely confused. Is there a way to string a line of server motherboards together to hit this 128 GPU limit?
I'm not aware of a single board with that much pci-express slots. But at the time when VCL was still working it was faking to the OpenCL client that it has X numbers of OpenCL capable devices so if you had 32 computers each with 4 pci-express slots that has worked.
Ah I was not aware of any system similar to VCL. Is VCL still working or is it too far outdated now?
too far outdated now, but several people are working on other solutions at the moment.