OclHashcat64 not working wtih AMD Catalyst 14.4
I'm running AMD Catalyst 14.4 drivers on two ATI Radeon R9 290X GPUs. Should I downgrade my driver? Which is the last version supported?

user@ubuntu12_04:~$ sudo /opt/oclHashcat-1.01/oclHashcat64.bin -b
oclHashcat v1.01 starting in benchmark-mode...

Device #1: Hawaii, 3067MB, 1000Mhz, 44MCU
Device #2: Hawaii, 3072MB, 1000Mhz, 44MCU

STOP! Unsupported or incorrect installed GPU driver detected!

You are STRONGLY encouraged to use the official supported GPU driver for good reasons
See oclHashcat's homepage for official supported GPU drivers
You can use --force to override this but do not post error reports if you do so

Quote:AMD users require Catalyst 13.12
(04-22-2014, 10:18 PM)undeath Wrote:
Quote:AMD users require Catalyst 13.12

Is there a possibility that oclHashcat will be compiled with 13.25 support? The older versions of the drivers don't support the ATI Radeon R9 290X series cards. Probably this is a question for Atom.
You'll also need od6config.
13.12 works fine with the 290X. you'll have to wait for 1.20 to use the 14.x drivers.