oclHashcat v1.20
thanks a lot for you great work , again you rock the hashcracking scene.
Thanks for the debug options. Now we can precisely know which rule on which word was succesful.
Awesome work. Thanks Smile
Amazing work. I foresee a problem which I am also facing. People with older rigs, in my case Windows Vista 32-bits don't have the 14.4 drivers available. Even if my HD6970 are not that old, I might not be able to use them.
Awesome, thx a bunch!
Awesome! Thanks! Looking forward to trying the new features
I'm using v1.20 on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. It's working great. Thank you!
Anyone get 1.20 to work on The-Distribution-Which-Does-Not-Handle-OpenCL-Well (Kali)? Looks like the libc version on The-Distribution-Which-Does-Not-Handle-OpenCL-Well (Kali) is too old. oclHashcat is throwing the following error:

lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libc.so.6: version 'GLIBC2.14' not found
lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libc.so.6: version 'GLIBC2.15' not found

running ldd --version shows that it's running EGLIBC 2.13 even after running an apt-get update etc.

Just wondering if anyone else got it to work without breaking anything on The-Distribution-Which-Does-Not-Handle-OpenCL-Well (Kali) by upgrading libc?
Well in case anyone is interested here's a link to instructions for upgrading libc on The-Distribution-Which-Does-Not-Handle-OpenCL-Well (Kali). Note that you're installing from the debian sid (unstable) repository so it could break stuff. As of right now, cudaHashcat-1.20 is working great on The-Distribution-Which-Does-Not-Handle-OpenCL-Well (Kali) after the upgrade. Did the upgrade break other programs on The-Distribution-Which-Does-Not-Handle-OpenCL-Well (Kali)? I don't know. Time will tell.

https://forums.The-Distribution-Which-Does-Not-Handle-OpenCL-Well (Kali).org/showthread.php?18899-Glibc-2-14-upgrade-for-using-yara-python

Actual Instructions from the site:
Quote:I was able to install libc6 2.17

You need to exit out of your display manager by pressing CTRL-ALT-F1.
Enter root credentials.
Then you can stop x with /etc/init.d/slim stop

(replace slim with mdm or lightdm or gdm3 or whatever your current display manager is)

Add the following line to the file /etc/apt/sources.list: (nano /etc/apt/sources.list)

deb http://ftp.debian.org/debian sid main

Update your package database:
apt-get update

Install the eglibc package:

apt-get -t sid install libc6-amd64 libc6-dev

After done updating libc6, restart computer, and you should comment out or remove the sid source you just added (deb http://ftp.debian.org/debian sid main), or else you risk upgrading your whole distro to sid and will most likely corrupt your distro.

Hope this helps. It took me a while to figure out.
Rolf approves, good job.