sapphire 7970
So I just bought a sapphire 7970 and I started running hashcat with it and it reaches about 78c pretty quickly and my fan goes to like 60% and really loud..

Is that normal or am I stressing the card too much, I have a slight overclock on that bad?
That is normal. I forced mine to run 100% fanspeed.

Borrowing from epixoip...
Quote:"normal" is subjective, but anything below ~ 83 is ok. 84-88, keep an eye on things. 89-90, time to start worrying. 91+, kill the load and let it cool. 95 is definitely critical."

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I'm scared to leave it running while I sleep now.. but what happens is it hits about 78 and the fan goes to like %60 or so and cools it... so I dunno.. seems like it's controling it.. pretty cool.
there's nothing wrong with 78C. don't worry unless you start getting over 90C
Thanks man, if my house burns down I'll let you know..