Is there support for wildcard characters?
Is it possible to calculate possible solutions for a has wildcard characters in it? In my case I care about match the first 8 characters and last 2 characters in the hash output. I would like to find an input that generate the following output, but the asterisks can be any character: 317c7c27*********************27 (md5 hash)

I was wondering if this was possible?
not really doable. You could write some module for jtr.
can he just do it with a hcmask file?

like this
-1 317c7c27?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1??1?1?1?1?1?1?1?127

(btw the pattern is not exact i was too lazy to count the asterisks)
oh wait youre looking for hashes forget my post lol
that could bring out a new mode tho where you have a list of wordfile and dictionnary and you encode it and compare it against anything that fits the pattern youve devised in this case


or when parsing the hashfile if theres a ? in the hash you generate all the possible candidate on the fly and add em to the hash list. but from your example you would generate a pretty hefty list so good luck with that. it would be helpful tho for when youre missing 2-3 char from a hash tho...