Remote cracking with ocl via ubuntu server
Am trying to launch oclhashcat remotely on my Ubuntu server.

Locally everything is working just fine.

While launching ocl remotely I obtain the following messages:

Quote:oclHashcat v1.21 starting...

Generating bitmap tables...No protocol specified
No protocol specified

ERROR: clGetDeviceIDs() -1

Need help in making the whole thing work remotely.

looks like you didn't export DISPLAY or COMPUTE, or you don't have Xauthority.

did you follow ?
Followed it to the letter. Except for adding the Auto-login and No-password commands to the lightdm.conf

Do not think this is an issue here. Or is it?
Works well while ssh with -X.

Any ideas on how to make it work with no extra flags?
if you do not have Xauthority then yes, that is the problem. add the autologin and nopassword stuff, that is why it is there.