ATI R9 295X2
who have ATI R9 295X2, please tell this card works well maintained by HC?

please paste benchmark

If you bothered searching the forum, you would have found :

HC supports 295x2, but this card needs some tweaking if you use it with other GPU.
Even alone, it is not the best choice, unless you know what you are doing.
If you want to use only two gpu, you should rather get 2 * 290x

It is exactly the same speed.
Tell us about the problems of using one 295x2 card? why not th best choice?
295x2 one quieter than the two 290, less space and occupies slots

if i just buy and put it to work without modification HC on win7?
If just 1 295x2 it is "ok", the cards get very hot and most likely will throttle if you use powertune.
The best setting is to use +25 on slave GPU (second gpu) and to control middle fan to cool the VRM better.
If you use normal powertune there is a lot of chance that it will throttle on the most expensive algorithms..

You can't use a card just under it, or it will get too hot and it will throttle.
I modded my cooling. I have a 240MM radiator with 2 fans to cool the beast. The best is to go full waterblock if you use many cards Smile