AMD Radeon R9 290X speed and noise.
Thanks epixoip.

I guess you example means:

Core (Mhz) - 1050
Memory (Mhz) - 1375

And what is the power one?

Also, based on my tests with a big wordlist and best64 rule, the --gpu-accel=160 --gpu-loops=1024 appears to produce better results. Do you use anything different? If yes, can you give a brief about the reason?

Thanks for all your help.
yes, 1050 Mhz core & 1375 Mhz memory. the `power=50' value is for powertune and tells the card it may use up to 50% more electricity than normal to power the card.

the -n/-u settings you use will vary per algorithm. the appropriate -n/-u values for each algorithm can be found by benchmarking that algorithm. for example, with md5crypt, `oclHashcat64.bin -b -m 500' reports:

Hashtype: md5crypt, MD5(Unix), FreeBSD MD5, Cisco-IOS MD5
Workload: 1000 loops, 128 accel

therefore you should use -n 128 -u 1000 for this algorithm.

alternatively, you can just omit -n/-u and just use "-w 3" instead. it will automatically use the optimal -n/-u values for each algorithm.
Hi epixoip,

Great explanation.

50% more electricity is a LOT! I'm curious if 50% more electricity pays off the overclocking of 50Mhz. What is your experience on it?

Great, I was unable to find this "-w 3" on the manual, but it works very well.