6 x GPU Cases
What kind of GPU's are you using? I want to build a 6 GPU rig as well but what would be the limit for the board that it has in it GPU wise?

Could I run a beast 6x setup of 7990 in that?

Thanks! Love the pics by the way!
Right now I have 1x R9 290x (Sapphire TRI-X OC) and 2x R9 280x (Asus DC2T-3GD5) GPUs. My motherboard is an Asus Z97-PRO w/ an Intel i3-4130T haswell CPU.

If you are not doing anything but cracking hashes using your GPUs you can save a lot of money with something like the ASRock H81 Pro BTC just make sure you don't connect the molex connector it has for additional PCI-e power if you are using powered PCI-e risers like this case does since it will cause problems.

I'm not sure how wide the 7990 is so I cannot say for sure if it will fit. I have a good feeling it will, but it will probably be pretty tight so you would need some high power fans to keep them cool. I assume if you have 6x 7990s you probably don't care how loud it is anyway.
Which cards would you use for WPA? Do the R9 290x's work alright with that case + MB + CPU?