Support for multiple input files
Hello there,

is there a way for oclHashcat to specify multiple input and output files in one instance?

So i want to give multiple input files like "hash1.txt" and "hash2.txt" and set the output files like "hash1_found.txt" and "hash2_found.txt".

Is there a way to do this or planned in future versions?
no you have to do them one at a time. You could do cat hash1.txt hash2.txt but then the output would be put togther
Combine all hash lists and use --show after cracking with each list individually.
Merging not really the solution i want to use...

The backround is you have multiple hashlists from different users and what seperated output files for each list... i hope this feature will be implemented in a future version
If you want the feature added you need to make a trac ticket.