WARN: Failed to get ADL Target Tempature Data.
Right now I have 4 r280x and one 7950 connected to my box.    

However, one of these cards is a problem child.    

I am using oclhashcat 1.30 and (driver fusion to erase first, then I put) amd-catalyst-14.7-rc3-windows-aug12 for my driver.    

So I had the idea of ignoring all temperatures and I get this result    

So when I remove the problem child card everything seems to working out. It will go through the --benchmark, (it stalls on scrypt for some reason), but it works good for what I need to do.

Is there are way I can get access to oclHashcat 1.31? Is there a public repo?

I am adding 4 more cards to the same box by the end of the week. I am gonna to see if this 8 card limit matters when you are not using crossfire.

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Does anyone want me to provide more information?
First, you don't seem to even know what GPUs you have in your system. You say you have 4x R9 280X and one 7950, but from your screenshot it is quite clear that you have 1x R9 290, 2x R9 280X, 1x R9 280, and 1x 7950. The R9 280 and the 7950 are the same GPU, and the R9 280X is just a 7970. So it's much easier and more clear to just say you have 1x R9 290, 2x 7970, and 2x 7950.

Second, you say you have highlighted the "problem child" GPU in yellow in your first two screenshots... EVERYTHING is yellow in your first two screenshots. Probably not the best choice of color.

The amount of memory that oclHashcat reports doesn't matter much, so you can ignore that.

The reason the "problem child" GPU says Hawaii and the others say Tahiti is not because it has a different BIOS, it's because it's from a completely different GPU family.

You're mixing and matching Overdrive5 / PowerTune 1.0 and Overdrive6 / PowerTune 2.0 cards. I don't know how well oclHashcat can handle that. From your screenshots it kind of seems that it doesn't.

No, there is no public repository for beta releases.

The 8 card limit has nothing to do with Crossfire. But I wouldn't bother adding more cards to your system until you work out what you actually have and why you're using what you're using. I wouldn't recommend mixing Hawaii and Tahiti GPUs in the same system.
Good, Problem solved. How do I tell what gpus will have Hawaii bios before I buy them.

and how can I tell Overdrive5 / PowerTune 1.0 from Overdrive6 / PowerTune 2.0 cards.
this is my problem child btw PowerColor TurboDuo AXR9 290 4GBD5-TDHE/OC Radeon R9 290 4GB 512-Bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 CrossFireX Support Video Card

When does the 8 card limit come into play, because I am adding 4 more cards soon.
It's not "Hawaii BIOS" -- Hawaii is the codename of the GPU itself. If you're unfamiliar with the different models, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_AM...sing_units

The 8 card limit comes into play when you add 8 cards, though you may likely hit a motherboard/BIOS limitation before that.
(09-07-2014, 04:45 AM)epixoip Wrote: The 8 card limit comes into play when you add 8 cards

more precisely: 8 GPUs, no matter on how many cards.
er yes, precisely right old friend. four dual-gpu cards will certainly get you to that limit as well.
New user here, just installed my R9-290x. System is running on Windows 7 with catalyst version "14.7".
I am running oclHashcat v1.30(64 bit) and when I try benchmark I get the following warning but benchmark works fine.
"WARN: Failed to get ADL Target Tempature Data"
I tried the --powertune-disable option and I no longer see this warning but I am wondering if powertune is not supported for R9 290x or I am missing some setting or have incorrect drivers.

Also, it would be helpful if someone explains if it's okay to run oclhashcat with powertune disabled and if any other option like --gpu-temp-abort has to be used to make sure GPU temps dont go above safe thresholds.

I already searched the forum before posting and could not a find a thread with a fix for this issue.

Update: This issue was fixed in oclHashcat v1.31.