Combinator attack slow down
Hi! I'm using the combinator attack with cudahashcat. I have a gtx 680. For MD5 bruteforce I get 2700 MH/s. If I try combinator attack with 2 dicts (20k words and 120M words) I get 1500MH/s (I believe it is because i'm not using any rule?)
The question is why towards the end it slows down to 1000 KH/s?

[Image: 2r46gbd.jpg]

Probably I'm doing something wrong, I've got alot to learn Tongue
Combinator attack is always going to be slower. Everything is slower than a mask attack.

OclHashcat slows down on purpose towards the end. It is adjusting the workload. Also I do not know if you are doing this or not, but the left dict needs to be larger than the left. The reason for this is the way GPGPU works.
It's also because with mask-attack (or general with brute-force) we can do some optimization because we know what comes "next". Therefore we can make use of meet-in-the-middle etc.