question about office 2007/2010 hash
I tried the new 1.31 version of hashcat to crack office 2007 encryted word document.
First I extracted hash from encryted word document using, and then started to crack. But it report error:

D:\cudaHashcat-1.31>cudaHashcat64.exe -m 9400 2007.hash -a 3 ?d?d?d?d?d
cudaHashcat v1.31 starting...

WARNING: Hashfile '2007.hash' in line 1 ($office$*1a3d67bd7fa689ddc0fbf46286a3ac79*7ddb14cc546734c93968a024770b2c11*c9217f82e13ba6ed167624b3fa492ea95805528b)
: Line-length exception
Parsed Hashes: 1/1 (100.00%)

ERROR: No hashes loaded

Above hash which I have edited, the original hash:

How can I fix it?
Thanx in advanced!
There's two ways:

1. Use the hash as it is, add the --username switch
2. Remove everything to the : (including)