maskprocessor v0.71, statsprocessor v0.10, hashcat-utils v1.1
Most important: all packages (maskprocessor, statsprocessor, hashcat-utils) have been compiled with a specialized toolchain so it will run out-of-the box on distributions using older glibc like The-Distribution-Which-Does-Not-Handle-OpenCL-Well (Kali) or Debian.

maskprocessor v0.71:

  • Added ?b built-in charset which includes 0x00 - 0xff
  • Added OSX binary

statsprocessor v0.10:


We dropped all statsprocessor v0.09 changes made and went back to statsprocessor v0.83.

The change has been made as a new, much more efficient project is coming up soon that will replace statsprocessor v0.09 ideas.
  • Added OSX binary

hashcat-utils v1.1:


New tools added:
  • keyspace -- Standalone tool to calculate value that comes out with --keyspace in oclHashcat, required for distribution overlays
  • strip-bsn -- Tool to strip \0 bytes from a file (dictionary), print per line
  • strip-bsr -- Tool to strip \r bytes from a file (dictionary), print per line

The hcstatgen utility has been restored to a oclHashcat v1.31 / statsprocessor v0.10 compatible version.

With it you're able to build your own hashcat.hcstat files.

Thanks ATOM for the update,

I got a bug on MAC ( Mavericks 10.9.5 ) for HASHCAT-UTILS, impossible to build for me. all the files are deleted from the folder after $ make

Here the return i have ;

MacBookPro:utils xxxx$ make
rm -f core *.bin *.exe
/opt/hashcat-toolchain/linux32/bin/i686-hashcat-linux-gnu-gcc -Wall -W -pipe -O2 -s -m32 -o cleanup-rules.bin cleanup-rules.c
make: /opt/hashcat-toolchain/linux32/bin/i686-hashcat-linux-gnu-gcc: No such file or directory
make: *** [posix] Error 1





EDIT : I FIXED the issue ;

I just take the MakeFile from the Hashcat-utils 1.0.7

& copy & replace this code line on the MakeFile of the new version ;

NEW Version of the MakeFile ;

CC_POSIX       = /opt/hashcat-toolchain/linux32/bin/i686-hashcat-linux-gnu-gcc
STRIP_POSIX    = /opt/hashcat-toolchain/linux32/bin/i686-hashcat-linux-gnu-strip

To replace with ;

CC_POSIX       = gcc
STRIP_POSIX    = strip

& It's working great as $ ./script.bin




EDIT II : Just for info's & about Statsprocessor v0.10, the --version on MAC displaying ;

MacBookProConfusedtats xxx$ ./ --version
In his talk "I have the #cat so I make the rules" T0XlC referenced - I was hoping to see it included with hashcat-utils v1.1, is this available somewhere else?