ATI Radeon Graphic Card - 6670 HD - OpenCl Installation
hi dear moderator,
this is my graphic card on my laptop :

[Image: Capture.jpg]

can i use it's GPU for using oclHashcat64 or 32?
i installed amd openCL SDK and after that GPU-Z software shows me an error during opening it about Wrong OpenCL installation.
also when i was testing oclHashcat64 or 32 in Command Prompt and use this command :
oclHashcat64.exe -m 2500 c:\dic.txt c:\out.hccap
cp was closed suddenly with no reason.
what should i install to use my gpu instead of cpu?
would you please help me step by step about that graphic card...

thanks in advance

oclHashcat64.exe -m 2500 c:\out.hccap c:\dic.txt

instead of:

oclHashcat64.exe -m 2500 c:\dic.txt c:\out.hccap
thanks for the answer,
there is no problem about commands and that was a handwriting mistake here.
i've downloaded the latest graphic driver from here :
the AMD one...
but during installation i had an error about ATI Catalist Package and it seems i only have installed the driver.
also GPU-Z still has stuck on OpenCL error and i don't have it in my system.
also oclHashcat64.exe still suddenly closed after running...

any idea?
that is not the proper driver download location. you need the driver from
thanks guys...
problem solved.

1-the problem was not for AMD or HP web sites.(for download driver)
that error during installation was for Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 that had been installed in previous month and i figured out that after 5-6 uninstall and install again.

2-also clean uninstall was necessary for new installation.
mean i searched both 32 and 64 system folders in windows folder and deleted all related graphic files dlls such as OpenCL.dll before new installation.

3-my laptop has a switchable graphic cards (intel & amd)
the intel one is for saving power and amd one is for high performance operations.
so there are two modes (fixed and dynamic) for them in bios and i changed that option to Fixed mode and after booting system up, i set amd one as default graphic card.

thanks for the help
finally i could install driver and activate OpenCL for my graphic card.
but i have a new error and asked it in this new thread :