How to identify a random Hash?
I've been doing some hashing using some of the archived crack me if you can contests files. It's led me to wonder how it is possible to identify a random hash as a certain algorithm? I've found a few scripts online to help, but other than a few algorithms they help identify, even then its not 100% reliable. I was wondering if theres any tutorials or guidelines for identifying a hash other than process of elimination and luck?
this was just discussed last week
Thanks for the link, guess i'll keep tinkering with it in my free time. by the way I loved the 25 gpu cluster you did in 2012. Definitely got a whoa out of me.
Thanks! But 25 GPUs is mere child's play compared to what we have now Wink
Really can't decide if your response its awesome or scarey lol. I can only imagine with the hashtopus now in play. A lot more practical than the VCL clustering plus you don't need the expensive infinity band equipment. Is there anyway for a new guy to get involved in this project, outside of the coding ?
We don't use Hashtopus, we developed Sagitta Hashstack.
not an open source tool I take it?
no, commercial
Looks like you guys did a good job. Little out of my price range though, broke college student lol. Pretty much stuck with whatever I have left over from mining at the moment.