new gpu!!
i want buy new gpu help me !!

one = GeForce GTX 980


two = GeForce GTX 780 Ti


three = GeForce GTX 970

is there is another idea?

four = R9 290X
or r9 295x if yah have more money.....
i don't understand why people keep recommending the 295X. it is a very poor choice for hashcat.

i would highly recommend the GTX 980. stay away from the GTX 780Ti, that's a waste of money.
thank you g

i want the best choice for hashcat, round 1300$

what if i buy

one gtc980 and 2 gtx 970
if you were going to do that, then why not just buy 3x 290X?
thank you epixoip

is there a benchmark for this 3 290X?

sorry i am new in hash cracking
take the speed of a single 290X and multiply it by 3