How can I extract rules from wordlists?
I would like to parse a wordlist and extract all of the rules that are used, ordering them in frequency. Like how the rockyou3000 rule was made.
PACK has some tools that supposedly can do this. Only used it for mask generation (works great), but it can do rules.
F:\HashCat\PACK-0.0.4> 1.txt -q
File "F:\HashCat\PACK-0.0.4\", line 220
print " %s" % " ".join(list(word))
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

any idea what iam doing wrong?

//statsgen also wont want to work
F:\HashCat\PACK-0.0.4> 1.txt
File "F:\HashCat\PACK-0.0.4\", line 180
print "[+] Analyzing %d%% (%d/%d) of passwords" % (self.filter_counter*100/
elf.total_counter, self.filter_counter, self.total_counter)
SyntaxError: invalid syntax
Be sure you are using python 2.7. I tried 3.4 and it didn't work until I switched to 2.7.
yeah, i got 3.4.1. Thx for info now try with 2.7

ok now work fine Smile
Szulik, I'm getting the same errors, I was going to this this on Linux.

I've heard of PACK in the past, I was wondering if there was anything more "Windows friendly", like a GUI.
hmm statsgen work fine, but still got isue with rulegen ;/
(01-04-2015, 03:12 PM)Szulik Wrote: hmm statsgen work fine, but still got isue with rulegen ;/

Rulegen works fine on Linux, I'm running it right now.