oclhashcat resume question
Is there a way to pause the current operation on one pc and then pick it up on another?

i'm looking for something like a save file so that i can boot into a different partition and keep going with that save file.
Seems that what you are looking for is the
option of oclHashcat.

If you copy the *.restore file to the other system it should work (given that you have also the hash list / word list / rules etc mirrored/copied on the 2nd PC).
perfect! what i did was [p] (pause)
then i hit [q] (quit)
afterwards using a
./oclHashcat64.bin --restore
picks up right where it left off! thank you!

file location is in the root directory of your hashcat folder. the filename is "oclHashcat.restore"
yeah, more strictly speaking the name of the .restore file depends on the current session name (which you can set with the --session parameter, default session name for oclHashcat is "oclHashcat"; for cudaHashcat it is "cudaHashcat"). Hence it is oclHashcat.restore in your case, but can be changed easily

Glad it worked.