Resume session while using mask file
Currently I am running a mask attack using a mask file.
Looking at the output, it seems that the skipped and Restore.point values are referred to the current mask.
Since in a file there could be several masks, how can I tell oclHashcat to skip a specific amount of mask "rules"?
you can use either [b]ypass or modify the .hcmask file accordingly (e.g. remove the lines you don't want it to run).

For instance, you could stop when a mask finishes and look the mask up in the .hcmask file, then create a new file with all the previous masks removed and you can remove further masks that will be done next (but should be skipped).
Thank you very much.
I was doing the same, but I wanted to check if there was an automated way to do that.
Well, at least I wasn't doing something wrong Smile
# Example of mask file:
# The second mask 2?d?d?d?d?d?d?d will be ignored