Crypto Miner Conversion
Well it is true (to a certain extent) and it is by design. The science behind it is that it will work harder since it calculates what it needs to do first, then acts upon that workload accordingly. With a really tiny wordlist, oclHashcat won't have a need to or have enough time to "ramp up" or "speed up"

I know it's not a big deal and most people will not be bothered by it. I was just testing a small hand typed list of words that I thought might be the password. Also, sorry I misspoke on the bruteforce part of it; that is quick right out of the gate with no ramp up delay.

This is just a laptop with a NVIDIA 5200M as example:

[Image: npigbb.png]

[Image: 2wrp8j8.png]
Not a very astute observation. Obviously you have to give the GPU enough work to do. If you only feed 120 candidates to an algorithm that can pull somewhere in the KH/s range, then you're obviously starving the GPU. But this doesn't really matter if that's the attack you want to run, since the attack will complete instantly. The reported speed is irrelevant.

This varies by algorithm though. For fast hashes it doesn't matter how large your wordlist is, you'll never gain acceleration if you don't have a modifier. For extremely slow hashes, you might be able to achieve full acceleration with less than five candidates.

And as long as your mask is properly constructed, you will always achieve full acceleration on mask attacks since candidates are generated on the GPU.