oclHashcat running with
Hi guys,

I'm looking for a version of Hashcat, which is able to be executed on a nVidia GPU with driver version 312.69, because Lenovo modifies the nVidia drivers and until today there's no newer version of this driver available for my system.
oclHashcat 1.33: "NV users require ForceWare 346.x or later". :-(
I already tried to find information on the internet, but without success.

Old versions are time bombed and will not work any more.
They are still working, I just need to adjust the system date and time.
I know they don't have all functions the newest version has, but it's not a security risk and I don't have newer hardware and drivers, so I've to live with an older version.
So: With version gets along with Forceware 312.xx? I don't want to unzip several times 3 GB big packages...