Problems downloading oclHashcat
I don't know if this is the correct section, but I didn't find any better one.

I have some problems while downloading oclHashcat from CLI using a very fast connection (more than 3Mb/s).
If I simply try to fetch the archive, I can only download about 15Mb of it, then the connection is dropped.
I have to manually set a download limit (for example 800Kb/s) and everything goes smooth.
Is there any bot protection or something like that?

Sorry for the stupid question Smile
You are not the first person to experience this issue, and I think it has to do with some aggressive anti-DDoS protection / rate limiting that was incorrectly applied.
Yeah I had the same problem just after the latest version was released. I did a google search and found a mirror though.
They turned of the aggressive anti-DDoS protection a few days after 1.33 release. Since then everything worked fine. I think it's fixed
I had this issue before, when hashcat's hoster was under serious DDoS: the connection wasn't dropped permanently, but rather paused for several minutes, after which everything was fine.
However, now that I tried downloading oclhc release with a download accelerator (25 streams), I encountered the same issue, though it recovered a lot more faster and finished the download.
Looks fine to me.
I just tested it and I can confirm everything is working fine.
Thank you guys for taking a look at it.