GTX Titan X
Thanks for that deep insight. Your argument with the 300W-throttle-limit is very compelling.

I ment the 390x will be a game changer in general for the GPU market, not explicitly for hashcat. It will set a benchmark and if Nvidia has to correct the price of the Titan X/980Ti to be competitive, they have to adjust prices on the 980/970 range too. So even if the 390x is not the ideal solution for hashcat it might make more attractive GPUs much cheaper. I hope my crytal ball is not broken there, but who knows.
Leaked prices for the new Radeon 3xx series:
360 -> $110
360x -> $150
370 -> $200
380 -> $330
380x -> $400
390 -> $700
390x -> $700+
Nvidia Titan X -> $1000

That's the expected price range. The source says that the 380/380x both will be faster than the 290. The 370 should be Tonga (R9 285) with 2048 shaders.

Nvidia will present the Titan X tomorrow, making AMD to "leak" some specs today. You can see them as confirmed:
The 390x will have 1050MHz, 4096 shaders and 8.6TFLOPS. Also two 8-pin connectors, 390 comes with one 6-pin/8-pin each.
The 390x first was supposed to come with 4GB of RAM, but the annoucement of the Titan X with its 12GB scared AMD to the decision of bringing an 8GB version thus delaying the ramp out even more.

The Titan X will have 3072 shaders, 1002MHz base and 1089MHz boost clock, 12GB RAM and 250W. NDA ends these days so the first reviews will be available soon.

Anyone planning to buy that monster soon and test it with Hashcat?
Oh, you KNOW that we'll immediately buy eight when they come out to test in the Brutalis Smile
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(03-16-2015, 11:57 PM)epixoip Wrote: Oh, you KNOW that we'll immediately buy eight when they come out to test in the Brutalis Smile

Didn't expect anything alse Wink
Everything I said has been confirmed.
Well, it could have been worse.
A sample review 'ere.
Atom confirmed it will have the kosher LOP instruction, so the speeds will indeed be around 30~35% faster than GTX 980.
Awesome Big Grin