cudaHashcat-plus32 sometimes crash when running a batch...
Sometimes cudaHashcat-plus32.exe crash when running a bat-file. This happens when one run is finished (that got hits) and a windows error-message pops up (asking if i wanna report the problem to microsoft). This also means it get stuck and will not start the next run in the batch.

And it happens to me when running wordlists on a file with multisalted/mulithases of DEScrypt. Dont think i got this problem when running singlesalted files. (will try to remember when i them from now on).

I have spoken to others that get this too, so i know i aint the only one having this problem. I also remember someone talked about this here in the forum. But it doesnt happen everytime so hard to reproduce.

Including them errormessages if they might help (?)

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This happens to me when I launch an attack, but the wordlist is physically missing, the file isnt not there.
try again with 0.06 pls when its released. i am not sure but i think i fixed this by fixing some other bug.
It also crashes for MD5crypt so not only DES. And as before, it crashes when running a batch and it got hits on a wordlist (but not every time). Have not seen it crash when a wordlist been done with no hits. It happens just when it tries to print that report when a run been done, but only write 4 rows and crash:

Status.......: Exhausted
Hash.Type....: md5crypt, MD5(Unix), FreeBSD MD5
Input.Mode...: File (done.txt)
Time.Running.: 35 secs

This happens for me on 2 diffrent machine (with diffrent OS).

I know i should wait until the next version, but still wanted to give more details.
i found some bugs on here, lets see in v0.6 if it sill appears. please test it after release and give feedback on this thread so that i know that it can be closed or not

The new version dont crash when running a batch Big Grin
thanks for reporting Smile thread closed